Alexis Archibald





      Edinboro University of Pennsylvania  Graduated Fall 2004  GPA-3.6

       Bachelors of Fine Arts- Concentration in Metalsmithing

       Teaching Certification in Art, k-12

        Permanent substitute teacher                                  Spring 2005

   Teaching Experience                               Ambridge Area High School                     Full-time

                               Grades: 9-12     

                              -Art 1                -Drawing            -Ceramics

                               Student Teaching                                                          Fall 2004

                                Fairview High School                                                      Full-time

                                Grades: 9-12

                                -Fundamentals of Art      -Drawing/Painting

                                 Corry Middle School      

                                 Grade: 7

                                 -General Art

Employment/ Related work

            Bruce Gallery                               Aug. 03 thru Dec. 04

                                 Installed artwork, acted as tour guide through

                     gallery and delivered information to visitors

                     monitored gallery, assisted in coordinating

                     art openings, and performed office work tasks 

Juried  Exhibitions                       

Society of Sculptors Annual Show                                                    April 06   

               Indoor/outdoor sculpture, held at Center for the Arts in Pittsburgh, PA

                                   Art of the State : Pennsylvania                          June 05          

                                    Regional annual art show, held at

                                    The State Museum of Pennsylvania

                                    Chimera                                                        April 04, 05

                                    Annual Student Art show and published

                                    Book, held at The Erie Art Museum of Pennsylvania

                                    Edinboro University of PA Art Show       March 02, 03, 04

                                    Annual student art show held at Bruce Gallery

                                                -Best in show, 2004

                                    Eclectic Etceteras Art Exhibition      February 04  

                        Annual show held at Edinboro University of  PA                                      

                                                -Scholarship contest winner

Awards/ Activities                  

         Deanís List- Every semester

         Katz winkle Scholarship- Visual art-based award    November 02

         Student Art League- Member, Fundraising and coordinating Fall 00 thru 04

art events at Edinboro University of PA                


Metals Club- Vice President, Organized club events             Fall 02 thru 04           


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