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UHAA Art Workshop Proposal Guidelines

for Birney Academy of International Studies


UHAA and  Birney Academy of International Studies (Birney) are Community Partners, creating an after-school program every Wednesday, beginning at 1:30pm.  Birney is a K- 5 public magnet school, in University Heights that is shifting its focus towards the arts.  As artists of the UH community, we will happily meet their goals, by sharing our knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for art with Birney’s students.


We have already received some fantastic project proposals from UHAA artists!  We are looking for many more artist/teachers to fill out the semester.  If you are interested in leading a 1to 2 day art workshop for 1to 2 hours, here are the guidelines...


Please send in a proposal that includes the following: 

·        your name and contact info

·        a short project description

·        a supply list and budget

·        appropriate grade levels for the project,

·        the maximum number of children to participate

·        how much time will the project take

·        location requirements (inside or outside, tables or on floors)

·        art history references


Please include the following along with your proposal:

·        examples of your artwork

·        resume, including any teaching experience you have


After your initial proposal has been submitted and accepted, Birney requires:

·        a simple Volunteer Application form

·        TB test (done on Birney’s campus)


Some guidelines for creating proposals:

·        Make it FUN!!!  even if your project is more academic, your presentation of it should engage the children

·        Keep it safe!... please no sharp, toxic of otherwise perilous materials

·        Remember... Age Appropriate!  Consider the ages of your students, when designing the class:  Is it too technically challenging? or not challenging enough?  What about the content?  too conceptually abstract?  too loaded?  (we can not allow any projects that explore, religion, politics or sex)

·        Consider clean up... the workshop teachers are responsible for making sure the space is clean before they leave, so when your planning the workshop schedule, add time for clean up, if your going to use paint, include drop clothes and/or table covers and smocks for the children on your materials list.

·        Consider Prep-Time...  Please arrive at least 15 – 30 minutes before your class!!!   Have your materials ready before the workshop starts... please allot time for setting up the space, handing out the materials, the children settling in and questions.

·        Consider Attention Spans... try to keep your class time around a hour or less for grades K-2 and no more than 2 hours for grades 3-5.  And keep the class energetic or you will loose them... children don’t like to be lectured, they like to participate actively!

·        Again, MAKE IT FUN!!!  and Have Fun, because if you are so will they!!!!


Thank you in advance for your time, creativity and enthusiasm given to this terrific Community Partnership that will support the future for the arts and our community’s young artists!  We look forward to working with you!


Please contact Midge Hyde, UHAA Education Director with your proposals, questions or comments o email: midgehyde@sbcglobal.net





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