After-School Art Workshops


University Heights Art Association (UHAA) is partnering with Birney Academy of International Studies  to offer a series of art workshops, taught by local artists.


This program gives  students an opportunity to

        explore their creativity

        build their art appreciation

        gain an understanding that art is alive in their neighborhood


The UHAA artist/teachers will bring a variety of art projects to develop both individual artistic skills as well as team-work needed to create large-scale, group projects, such as a mural. 

July 2006 Mural by UH artist, Weston Riffle completed with Birney students for school's 75th Anniversary.


The art workshops are one hour, weekly, taught to 10 to 20 students per class, after-school on Wednesdays.  Some classes may continue for more than a week, depending on the project needs.  The projects will focus on fine art, rather than crafts and most will include some art history background. 


The resulting individual artworks from the workshops will be exhibited at Birney as part of the University Heights Arts Open, September 15 and 16, 2007 and returned to the students after the show closes.  The collaborative works will become a permanent source of pride for University Heights.


We are looking for artists interested in participating , click here for program guidelines


  • Read about the art program in April 2007 UH News here

Please contact Midge Hyde, UHAA Education Director with your questions or comments email:




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