With each action, it becomes harder to continue, until i can move no further. free.


Calafia                                                                     1999

Acrylic on Canvas                                        16” Diameter


Flaming Moon in the Wet Night         2005

Mosaic on Wood                            12”x 8”


Somos la Musica                 2002

(We are the Music)      6’x 10’ x 6’

This installation was a abstract ear painting that could be ‘entered’.

The interior was an organically sculpted room painted like the exterior.

Inside, was an array of musical instruments to play with, all blue.


                Straight                                                      2000                 

Ice Arrow into Fire Target               San Francisco


Translations of Intuition                     2001


This ‘social sculpture’ had three parts.

It uses a deaf person and a blind person.

The deaf person is provided with an array of musical instruments.

The blind person is provided with an array of drawing materials.


First part, i ask the blind person to draw from her intuition

and the deaf person to simultaneously watch and attempt to translate this into music.


Second part, i ask the deaf person to play music from her intuition

 and the blind person to simultaneously listen and attempt to translate it into drawing.


For the third part, i ask them to translate each other simultaneously.



rogalskijason@hotmail.com               (619) 582-2820



(Resume below)



JASON ROGALSKI                                                             rogalskijason@hotmail.com

4428 48th Street, San Diego, CA 92115                                                                 (619) 582-2820



San Francisco Art Institute, New Genres, B.F.A. Graduate, 2001.

San Diego Mesa College, Fine Art & Psychology, 1993-1998.

Parsons School of Design, Illustration, New York, 1988.


Teaching Experience:

Founded and Co-directed Dot-to-Dot. 1999-2004.

            Designed and taught art classes on both sides of the U.S/Mexican border weekly.

            Trained incoming artists to make and run art workshops.

            Directed many resulting art exhibitions up to 500 people audience.

Taught mosaic mural class for the I.C.B.C. of Rosarito. 2004.

            Series of classes resulting in permanent installation.

Resident artist for Hancock Art Center of  Michigan.

            Co-directed series of art classes with resulting exhibition. 2001.

Designed and taught group projects for The International Children’s Art Museum 2000.

Aided Tim Rollins and K.O.S. at the Jewish Museum in the Righteous! project. 2000

Taught art projects for developmentally disabled seniors program with resulting exhibition , San Francisco, 2000.

Taught private art lessons in San Francisco 1999.



Currently exhibiting mosaics with Galleria del Mar, Rosarito, B.C., Mexico. 2006.

“Objective/Ojectivo” Solo Exhibition. La Esquina de Bodegas, Santo Tomas, Ensenada, Mexico. 2005

 Inauguracion del Centro Municipal de Arte y Cultura” (group), Rosarito, B.C., Mexico. 2005.

“Dedication of Mosaic Snake” (group), ICBC, Rosarito, B.C. Mexico, 2004.

“Dos Mietades” (group), Giorgio Santini Gallery of Fine Art, Rosarito, B.C. Mexico, 2001.

Resocialization” (group), Sushi Performance and Visual Arts, San Diego, 2001.

Resocialization” (group), Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles, 2001.

“Dot-to-Dot: June Project 2000” San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, 2001.

“Masculinity/Feminity” (solo), 11:11 Café, San Francisco, 2001.

 “Summer Group Show” (group), Santini Gallery, Rosarito, B.C. Mexico, 2000.

“Limited Situations” (group), 4-walls Gallery, presented by Los Carpenteros, S.F. 1999.

“Look What I’ve Done, Mama!” (group), Baker Beach, San Francisco, 1999.

“Totems of Physics” (solo), San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, 1999.

“Emerging Consciences” (solo), I.P. Gallery, San Diego, 1998.

 “Lesbians by Night” (solo), Clair de lune, San Diego, 1998.

 “Luz Show” (group), Cabello Gallery, Rosaritio, B.C. Mexico, 1996.

 “Icons” (solo), Mastodon Piercing Studio, San Diego, 1995.

“Mesa Student Exhibition” (group), Mesa Gallery, San Diego, 1994.

“7-Nights” (solo), Old Vienna Café, San Diego, 1994.



Niños del Mar, José Maria Pino Suaréz Escuela Primaria, Rosarito, 2003.

Fishing Shack, Campito, Rosarito, 2000.

Golden Spiral, Hairgasm, San Diego, 1995.

Grasping, residence of Nancy Porter, San Diego, 1994.

Wants and Needs, Mystic by the Sea, San Diego, 1993.

Day Dream, Innerchange Coffee Shop, San Diego, 1991-92.



Apprenticed under a Master mosaic artist from Italy. 2005-2006.

Exhibiting mosaics with Galleria del Mar, Rosarito since 2005.

Taught mosaic class with resulting permanent installation at I.C.B.C.

            Instituto Cultural de Baja California, Rosarito. 2004

Muelle Restaurant Façade, series of 5 pyramids 8’x 8’, Rosarito. 2004

Chinese Dragon Mural, Poway. 2003


References upon request.