April 2006

Jason Rogalski

Rogalski Returns

After four years studying ‘conceptual art’ at the San Francisco Art Institute and a lifetime of artistic evolution, Jason Rogalski moved to Baja California, Mexico. Since 2001, he taught free art classes in the poorest communities, painted murals in the schools and supported various Mexican organizations with his experimental art.


Now, Rogalski has moved back home to a little canyon view house here in University Heights. He is currently putting his experiences from Mexico into an illustrated book form. His fantastic paintings and ultra-detailed mosaics will be exhibited next January at the O.B. People’s Co-op.  His work will be available for viewing during the University Heights Arts Open on September 16th and 17th.


For questions, email him at rogalskijason@hotmail.com. For more information on Jason Rogalski or other UHAA artists, visit www.uharts.org

Theater of Dreams                  Ensenada, 2002

Commissioned by “Insecto” for the Unsolosol Rave


During an all night 5000 person rave, audiences were invited to add notes.

Rogalski’s animated films were projected onto the 8’ x 6’ head every few minutes.



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